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update apr 1:

please note: this journal entry might appear to simply be an april fools joke, unfortunately it definitely is not...

i normally try to compartmentalize these things. however, currently my overwhelming amount of real life problems are seriously preventing me from focusing on being as creative as i would ideally like. and it's depressing me too much to visit da without being able to upload new content on a regular basis. so until further notice, i'm sorry to say, i'll be gone for a while, at least.

to all my dear friends and followers here, i would like to thank you once again for all the support you have kindly given me over the last couple of years.

my life has never been easy, and you guys and girls have helped me more than some of you could possibly be aware of. i will always be grateful for that.

and equally sincerely... i'm not actually asking for any sympathy here, and i do not wish to discuss my problems in detail, so there is no need to post any comments regarding this update. just keep making and appreciating each others art, and welcome me back if i return in the future.

update mar 18:

recently i've been researching into some legally free image editors and a 2d morphing editor, as i wanted a little more variety in my work and the tools i use, and i currently can not afford commercial apps.

it's been time consuming, and somewhat tiring, but the results are turning out well.

and another fractal artist has agreed to collaborate with me, alongside morphapoph.

hope to show you guys soon what we've been working on.

update feb 15:

here is a link to the fractal material version of the previous animation. hope you guys enjoy it. this latest video has taken me about 6 months, mainly working on the new rigs and materials. and i still haven't found time to actually animate the fractals. that's next on my to do list, he he.

update feb 05:

we're still having some issues with our internet here but at at least it's stable, most of the time, and i can finally upload animations again, yay.

i've recently uploaded the following test video:

it only uses blender's basic opengl lighting, but mainly features my new rigs for the little alien jelly creatures, which i've been told are a significant improvement over the last rigs i built. so it was worth all the research and development i invested into them. and hopefully will allow me to animate more interesting and believable creatures in the future. they still look very stylized which i don't mind, as i'm not exactly aiming for photo realism, he he.

anyway, i'm currently working on the fractal based materials for the above, so i better get back to that if i want to show you guys any time soon.

update dec 04:

some good news:

we're in the process of changing isp's. so hopefully i'll be able to upload animations again in the not too distant future. single .jpg's are currently still problematic, as our isp doesn't like me uploading anything. it even times out sending plain text emails, and updating these journal entries.

so it's been very hard to motivate myself to work on this project while i couldn't show people, other than my flatmate. but i have made a little progress.

a 2d fractal artist named morphapoph very kindly let me do some test renders, using some of his artwork as textures for my 3d abstract models. currently the texture resolution is about half of what it apparently needs to be, so i will likely need to re-render them myself at 1024 resolution, once i've learned to use apophysis or some other fractal generator. but at least the stills i've tested work, both technically and artistically i think.

these two screen captures of blender 3d, also show my updated rig for one of my alien jelly creatures. that work is slow and labor intensive, but i'm motivated again partly thanks to morphapoph, here's a link to his da pages:


193 by rattyredemption

194 by rattyredemption

update nov 24:

more bad news i'm sorry to say:

we recently politely complained to our isp, because our 2.5 mb connection (that costs the same as a 20 x faster connection) was so unstable that some days we weren't even getting dialup speeds. their response was to reduce our download speed to a measly 1.2 mb which is just as unstable (spiking anywhere down to 0 kb) and our upload speed is only between 0.1 and 0.3 mb, so i can't even reliably upload single .jpg images without da timing out half the time. and there is no chance i can upload animations.

to help put this in context, a 15 minute 720p youtube type video could take over an hour to download, and would not stream on the website at all.

until a time when we can change isp's or move to an area with cable or faster dsl, then this project is on hold.

it suffices to say i'm not at all happy with this situation.

update nov 20:

i've just finished the keyframing of the little tentacle creature, which after i built the rig, then took about 2 weeks to animate by hand, although now i know what i'm doing it should be quicker next time.

i've got to update the other little alien creature's rigs, but that should be relatively quick, as they don't have the complex tentacles, just their rigs and animation curves contained a few errors.

if that all goes well, i'll render one of those uv test pattern type videos, as seen in the top middle preview window of this blender screen capture image:

191 by rattyredemption

then hopefully i can start rendering the full color versions in a week or so.

update nov 12:

good and bad news:

the negative first. shortly after my last journal update, my 7 year old 2nd hand pc died and i lost over 40,000 individual frames of animation.

the good news. luckily i had all my project files backed up.

i'm now sharing a mid range laptop with my flatmate, it's a lot faster than the pc, and has 4 times the amount of ram and it performs very well with blender, including experiencing less crashes.

i've also been learning to use win 7, which is very different to the old win xp os i was used to, although thankfully i had a little experience with vista a few years ago. i've also configured blender to work with the touch pad and not a 3 button wheel mouse.

and i've spent the last 2-3 months rebuilding the rigs (virtual skeletons) for my alien jelly fish creatures, and they are now looking more fluid and interesting i think... i've still got a lot to learn as far as traditional animation skills, but hopefully people will enjoy the visual updates, next time i'm rendering.

update aug 19: 

now i know what i'm doing with the vse (video sequencer editor) in blender, i'm having a lot of fun with it. and i'm currently keyframing (manually animating) a new camera for the 1st scene. it also has a slightly different background. once that is done, i should in theory be able to finish a couple of the music videos.

update aug 09:

here's a short, non looping, example of the vse work from one of my music videos (without the sound track)

update jul 30:

to my pleasant surprise, i found i can easily take the vse project file for the first music video, and basically swap the clips and music for the second video, so i now have about 2-3 minutes of that one complete as well. there's a little tweaking of the animation graphs required, which mix the clips together, but that isn't too time consuming.

what is going to take a while is updating and rendering the other clips i need for both videos, but i feel like this project is coming together very well now.

update jul 27:

as i've been updating one of my distortion effects today, and rendering some new materials and lighting, i realized i might as well edit some of the results into another music video, while i'm researching into an effect i want to use for the first full length one.

basically, this means i can work on several of these without having to wait until the first is finished.

i'm also finding i'm getting quite a lot of inspiration from working in blender's vse, so that should also help improve the end product.

update jul 25:

after a lot of trial and error, re-rendering, and researching into blender's vse (video sequence editor) i've completed, although not uploaded, the first 2 minutes out of the 8 minute trance music video.

i've now got most of the basic tech and art working to my satisfaction, so hopefully it's just a case of re-rendering some of my previous tests which i still have the project files for, and then editing them in the vse.

unfortunately i didn't realize prior to this week, that blender doesn't like to edit sequences using the h.264 codec, which is very popular with sites like youtube, and which i had rendered most of my animation tests with.

so i'm now using the older xvid codec, which blender does like to work with, and another advantage is the outputted file sizes are smaller, and with little loss in visual quality.

as i reach further milestones in this project, i intend to post more updates like this.

jul 19: 

it's been another steep learning curve for me, during the 18 month development of this rather complex blender project. although it is very satisfying to be finally testing my looping video clips along with their intended sound tracks, and so far i'm pleased with the quality.

i've still got a lot of work to go, so probably not likely to be done within the next couple of weeks, although hopefully won't be much longer after that before i can upload it.

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Amy-L-Lyn Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry to hear things are not good for you at the moment, hope to see you soon! you have amazing art pieces and i'll look forward to seeing more of your work soon. Take care
golem1 Apr 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sorry to hear about your troubles.  Hope to see you back...
DrWakey Mar 29, 2014   General Artist
Thanks for favin <3
DrWakey Mar 29, 2014   General Artist
Glaiceana Mar 24, 2014   General Artist
Thanks for the fav :)
nightstrikers Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I was wondering how to submit a blender animation.
I dont know what to do, I saved it as a Ogg. but deviantart doesnt have a category for me to post it in. Can you help?
hi, i encode in xvid .avi but this page will explain how we get the film and animation catagory:

hope that helps.
nightstrikers Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you save it as a avi. ?
scroll down this linked page until you get to the "advanced encoding" section then read from there:…
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Thanks for watching :thumbsup:;)
you're very welcome. i'm considering using some of your textures in an indie game project i'm about to start work on. i used to make my own 3d materials for games mods, so i appreciate how much work goes into them.
this is the link for the "silk" program!
bear48 Jan 14, 2014  Professional
I am still trying to work on getting caught up on my thank yous

Thank you so very much for adding "Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride reboot" to your favorites
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