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update jul 01: 720p hd version of the 1st music video is now available on youtube.

da's upload sever kept crashing when i tried to upload the hd version here, so while i research into a fix for that, i uploaded it to youtube:

viking trance and i recently decided that all of the download versions of our collaboration project will be available for free, for the foreseeable future, regardless of resolution. and if i can upload the hd versions to da, then you guys will be able to download them if you want, again free of charge.

the dvd and or blu-ray we plan on distributing in the future, will be commercial. partly due to the printing and shipping costs of the disks. also our source files intended for the disks should have the highest quality compression. currently youtube is reducing the audio by 1/2 and the video compression by about 1/4 of my original version.

and if anyway wants to buy the higher quality downloadable music tracks from viking trance, the links to their various websites are in the description of our music videos. you guys can also listen online for free to a lot of their library of over 100 tracks.

update jun 23: the free to download 360p version of the 1st music video has finally been uploaded, yay.

VIKING TRANCE - the psy experience.

a big thank you to all my followers and supporters who have given me feedback and encouragement throughout the production. you guys definitely helped improve the quality of this product.

update jun 21: music video's title intro.

i found a use for the swirling fog type effect i was experimenting with a few months ago. and so far it's working very well i think, i just need to tweak it. i'm also intending over the next day or two, to upload the latest version of the intro before i upload the full length music video.

update jun 18: editing the full length thelma fractal video.

after about 14 months of hard work (sometimes full time, sometimes part time) i now just need to create the title intro, and get final approval from viking trance for use of their music track. then hopefully i can upload the 360p free version of the 7:40 minute long music video.

update jun 02: distortion layers.

i finally achieved the technical and artistic results i was hoping for, yay.


as far as the music video production goes, this now means i've done enough research and development (of various techniques) to have all the tools i need to finish the first couple of music videos.

i've also worked out how in theory i can use the recent tech to replace winmorph from future productions, since i really don't like working with that 12 year old and unsupported app. and would rather use blender for all the visuals.

update may 17: latest blender crash bug fixed, and testing a new distortion effect.

after myself and another beta tester reported it, the devs fixed this bug very quickly, so kudos to them for that.

and before i upload the composited music video section, i'm trying to figure out the best way to add a subtle distortion layer to it.

previously, about a year and a half ago, i was using one of blender's tools which wasn't really meant to be used for creating distortion layers, and as a result the image quality was blurry. the new method i've been planning should produce a sharper result.

there are a couple of other technical limitations with it, and it's not going to be optically correct. although that could in and of itself be interesting. so unless i get distracted by real life, we should know within the next day or two if this was successful. either way i'm really looking forward to uploading something for you guys.

update may 15: blender devs fixed previous crash bug, and a new one has appeared.

it's a good thing i've learned to stay calm while working with blender, because only a few days after the previous bug was fixed, we now have one that instantly crashes as soon as i switch between some of my custom editor windows. the problem here is the devs haven't yet been able to reproduce the error their end.

it's probably just a case of them suggesting i try various things and reporting back the results, until we can track down what is causing this. 

they think it might be driver issue on my laptop, although i haven't updated any drivers for a while, and the blender dev builds from a couple of days ago were working perfectly for me.

despite this, i'm still managing to make progress on the the music video using the last official "stable" build of blender.

update may 07: blender crashing again, waiting for devs to fix.

after spending a few weeks (in between some real life commitments) rebuilding and testing the latest rig, i finally have the model and rig ready to render. except now the latest blender dev builds are freezing, and sometimes crashing, if i attempt to load in the fractal textures.

i've just reported this and am confident the devs will be able to fix the bug asap. it's just frustrating. in the mean time i can still do some render tests with the last "stable" official release although that contains some of the older bugs that recent builds fixed.

update apr 10: blender beta testing, and back on track with the music video.

i spent a few days helping the blender devs track down some bugs, caused by a new keyboard shortcut system they were trying out, that had unfortunately broken several existing parts of blender, including the animation system.

good news, as of today i'm using a stable build again.

i also had been struggling to animate what i thought would be a straight forward improvement to the last test renders, and that took several days, using an older build of blender, to figure out what i was doing wrong.

basically i suck at maths, so a lot of the technical aspects of my work are more trial and error, until i come across a solution that looks right to me.

anyway, i'm getting on well now and hope to show some progress over the next day or two, even if it's a quite subtle improvement.

update apr 02: adding foreground objects to the tunnel section.

i've finished most of the latest model's render layers, except for the fractal layer, which i intend to work on soon. this means i'll hopefully then be compositing them all together.

here's the z depth layer:

update mar 12: progress made on new tunnel section.

i'm about 1/2 way through what i intend for this section of the music video:

i still have the glowing objects to build, and wanted to show the background as it currently is. the final version will also have the depth shading effect.

update feb 23: blender rendering bug, and a new 3d model begins.

i recently discovered and reported a bug in blender's composite node editor, which was incorrectly rendering images when using the scale node.

basically it was shifting the various render layers up the screen and to the right by 1 pixel. which is possibly why the other beta testers hadn't yet noticed it.

a 1 pixel shift might not sound significant. however, it meant my alpha channels, which were last rendered using dev builds from a couple of weeks ago, were now slightly misaligned. this was then exaggerated as i was experimenting with a glow effect, so the 1 pixel width ended up about 10-20 pixels in some areas, and became more noticeable.

i was told today the blender devs are working on fixing it, and by the time i've finished modeling the new tunnel section for the thelma music video, the rendering should be consistent again.

as for the new model, it's going to be based partly on one of the previous tunnel sections, and also include a design i first worked on about 20 years ago. so i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

and i'll be posting screencaps and test renders as i make progress.

when it's done that should then be enough visuals to last the 7:40 mins of viking trance's music track which we're using for this video.

update feb 14: viking trance music promo.

here is a 35 second sample from one of viking trance's tracks, mixed with a clip from the thelma fractal video series.…

i'm still working on the first full length music video which will feature another of viking trance's excellent tracks.

and this is a link to their reverbnation archive. where we can listen online to most of their full length tracks:…

update dec 27: some of ratty's new year resolutions.

1. talk a lot less about my real life when it has no direct relationship to my work.

reason being, according to the da stats, most of my visitors are mainly here for the psy art, not to follow me as a person. and i honestly am cool with that. i've also decided i'd rather be known for my work (even if it is controversial) than because x or y etc happened to me in real life.

2. update da more frequently.

caveat being my new home hopefully having reliable internet connectivity. also seems like a few of my followers are interested in the behind the scenes tech stuff, which i do enjoy talking about and showing screen capture images of, and tech demo videos where possible.

3. spend more time being inspired by other artists on da. something i've sadly fallen behind with over the last few months.

4. spend less time procrastinating on youtube, and resume working on my indie video games project, while blender is calculating the very long psy art renders.

caveat with that being my energy levels increase, which they appear to be slowly doing, yay.

i might add more to this list over the next week or so...

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